Thursday, March 6, 2008

Death defying geologists

Being new to the geoblogosphere and not reading and/or posting every day I find that I have come in late to some of the great death defying posts that others have shared. Last summer we were traversing under a pretty rotten cliff face(volcanic breccia) when we heard a rifle-like-shot come from way above and we witnessed a rock fall that featured a compact car sized rock hitting the road where I am standing in the picture. It was pretty fascinating to watch the whole event, so much in fact that even though we had cameras in our hands no one thought of videoing the rock fall or the resulting dust cloud. The rock hit the road with a thud and then bounced off the other side to the valley bottom.
As I say...Geology Happens

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Silver Fox said...

Hey, that's a great story - glad you could join in. You should post a comment on Geotripper's A Carnival of Death-Defying Geologists.

Also, check out Magma Cum Laude's recent posts - she will be hosting a Carnival on geologists in the movies.