Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Accretionary Wedge #16 where would I go?

This month's theme is What are the places and events that you think should all geologists should see and experience before they die? What are the places you know and love that best exemplify geological principles and processes?

So I changed it to:  If I had my year of geology traveling where would I go?

These are in no particular order.
1. Visit the type area of my favorite formations.
2. Do a Powell and travel the length of the Grand River system by boat.
3. See lava coming out of the earth. This need not be a significant event.
4. Climb in the Himalaya.
5. See a surging glacier if there are any left.
6. Calving icebergs
7. Climb an icefall
8. Walk a transect of some really interesting geology, coast range of California or the Appalachian mountains
9. Visit a deep sea trench
10. Feel an earthquake, again this need not be a major event.
11. Spend a summer at the INSTAAR field camp.
12.   Climb the walls in Yosemite Valley

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