Wednesday, April 13, 2011

feng shui on the trail AW 33

This month, John in the Taconic Mountains has asked about how we incorporate geology into our homes. I was thinking about some landscaping we had done in the backyard or about the fireplace in Ed Abby's old home in Moab UT where the rocks represent the stratigraphic column of the Canyonlands. BUT

I didn't have any pictures. I know that this isn't exactly what John had in mind, but it sure beats the shelf with my "prettiest" hand samples.

Last week I was visiting Zion National Park and hiked up the West Rim Trail past the infamous Angels Landing. While walking up "Wally's Wiggles" we saw this fantastic example of a Navajo sandstone iron concretion used in the retaining wall. Whoever was trail crew leader had a great eye for aesthetics and incorporated some fun geology in the trail.

Looking way down at Wally's Wiggles. Click the image for a larger version.

the concretion in the wall
up close

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