Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer, a time for roving bands of geologists

We just returned home from a spontaneous road trip to the Pacific Northwest. While traveling through the Inter-mountain West we saw many a van load of students standing along side the road with notebooks at the ready with an older guy in front waving his arms around. The only part of the scene that changed was the rock cut, sometimes flood basalts (and some cool columnar basalt) sometimes river terraces and often rock units known for their fossils.

Field Trip Season!

Unfortunately I never had a camera ready when we came across a group of geology students learning the ways of rock cuts. And, only once did we have the chance to talk with any of the groups. A group from the University of Kentucky were on a western National Park tour after spending some quality time in a field camp near Gunnison Colorado.

It is good to see the tradition continues.

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