Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Great Annular Eclipse of 2012

We timed our southwest adventure to coincide with the Annular solar eclipse visible in the western US. The National Park Service helped out by publishing a great web page with an interactive map helping us select which unit of the NPS would have the best viewing.

We chose Bandelier  National Monument in New Mexico. WE arrived a few hours before the event and so hiked around some great Volcanic Tuff outcrops made into cliff dwellings by the Ancestral Pueblos (worthy of a whole blog post by itself) 

When the time came we found a not-too-crowded overlook that faced the west and we sat down to watch. By the time the sun started to disappear there was a good little group watching. We all enjoyed the few who showed up with the proper equipment to directly view the eclipse as we only brought our trusty pin hole camera.

The ruins at Bandelier. The building material is all volcanic.

 Our camera couldn't quite capture the sun with out any filters.
 Our pin hole camera shows the annular eclipse just fine!

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