Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1st peak of the season

Memorial Day was a blue bird Colorado day. With the weather cooperating, we decided that it was a good day for our almost-traditional climb of Baldy Peak. The peak can be found just south of Ridgway and just north of "The Blowout" the eroded remnants of a Laramide age intrusive stock. Baldy itself is made primarily of Mancos Shale with a few outcrops of San Juan Tuff at lower elevations.

The climb was a delight, the weather was warm with just a slight breeze (this spring has been exceptionally windy) and we saw no other people until almost all the way back to the trail head. There was plenty of mountain lion evidence but no bear scat. With such a large deer population, it isn't too surprising to see lion spore.

Here is a USGS bench mark that actually has the name and elevation.

The calendar might say June 1, but at 10,000 feet it is still spring. Pasque flowers lining the trail
Eating lunch on the summit, contemplating the universe
The two 14'ers in the background are Wetterhorn and Uncompaghre. The aspen trees are just starting to show leaves at this elevation. The large areas of meadow suggest a more basic soil made from the erosion of the Mancos shale.

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