Friday, June 4, 2010

What do I work on??

I had the pleasure of dinner last night with Ron Schott after following his tweets across the country. Sitting in the backyard enjoying some beverages before dinner Ron asked me what is it exactly that I do? I found that a difficult question. My career as a high school teacher has certainly allowed me to take many kids into the field and show them the wonders of our planet...but what about now?

I guess what I do now is to try and explore as much of my neighborhood (the 4 corners) as time allows. My research is all about what I am interested in, that day. High school teachers don't have to publish :) and so I follow my whim.

What do I work on? Getting outside, walking, biking, climbing or traveling on a river. Observing interesting sights and giving a try at interpretation. Reading books about my region. and lastly sharing what I have found out. So, the month of June will be in the field, or God's navel if you are an Ed Abbey fan. Plans include backpacking along the Escalante River, mountain biking in the Grand Staircase and on Cedar Mesa and rafting through the Gates of Ladore. I am of course traveling with my wife, who told Ron, yes every day is a field trip.

See you on the other side.


Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Wow, cool blog, and in my part of the country. You might enjoy my different take on things, not so much geology, but the same areas:

Are you familiar with Jack Brauer's blog? He's in Ouray:

Keep posting, am really enjoying reading about the areas I love and wander around in. Chinle

Unknown said...

Good morning!
I was looking for a short bio or contact information, but could not find any. Are you meaning to be anonymous? This site is very well constructed! I'm glad I came across it.

Unknown said...

This sounds like a wonderful adventure. (I've recently started following Ron's posts as well. Will you be updating your blog while in the field? You and your wife would have much to share with your readers it seems! Good wishes on your adventure.