Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Water Year that is. On October 1st we start the 2009 water year. The graph on the left is the 2008 water year for Red Mountain Pass. It was a good year.

You can see that the snow accumulation started late. October and November were warm and dry. Then on December 1, as if a switch were thrown, the snow started coming down and didn't stop until April, where it then slowed down a bit. The spring was cool with a few storms here and there, but the snow still melted out earlier than the historical average would have predicted.

Now we are getting ready for the new water year, hoping that there will be enough moisture for all. The graph is all ready on the web site, now all we need is snow.

NOAA is predicting southwestern Colorado will have slightly below average moisture in the fall changing to equal chances of normal precipitation in late winter.

Stay tuned and we will see.

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