Friday, March 13, 2009

writing and more writing

Last fall I was offered a contract to create a new middle school online earth science course. I was slowly working my through their outline and keeping up with all the small yet numerous editing changes.  Three weeks ago I was told that I really needed to be finished by the end of the next budget know what that means.  I'm an independent contractor so I am not employed anyway but I wanted the money. My deadline is this next Monday morning. 
So three weeks of writing, editing rewriting with 6th grader readability (just watch I'll be writing simple sentences for the next few months).  I have been finding just the right image, working on remote servers, having MS word crash just a few times and trying hard to require some inquiry in the lessons. I am tired and as of about 1 hour ago, finished! I beat the deadline. Now the first set of editing takes place but first some serious time outside all next week


Kim said...

Yay! Congratulations on being done.

Silver Fox said...

Sounds like you got done much faster than planned, and also that you did a good job! I'll be watching for those simple sentences. ;)

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