Sunday, May 31, 2009

summer reads

The summer season has been busy already. I had 5 fantastic days doing geology through Labyrinth Canyon with a Denver museum. There were 4 of us geologists all with different specialities and a boat load of interested lay people with us. Great fun! We are now getting ready to visit Yosemite and some places in Nevada (I have been studying Silver Fox's posts to get a lost together). The editors of my latest writing assignment have been busy so if I am not packing I am fixing edits.


I am also getting a list of geology books together for the back of the truck. I am re-reading McPhee's Basin and Range and Assembling California for our next trip.

Let's get a list together of great geology books that we can all read this summer!


Callan Bentley said...

I like the idea of a 'virtual book club' -- but feel like I'd like to read something new. A couple of things are on my list:
The Carbon Age by Eric Roston,
Thin Ice by Mark Bowen
The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney
Stories in Stone by David B. Williams

Any interest in any of those?

Geology Happens said...

I agree, I am looking for some new books too. Thanks for the suggestions.

BrianR said...

I just started 'Sand' by Michael Welland (see his 'Through the Sandglass' blog for more).

And I'm nearly finished with 'For the Rock Record', which is a compilation of geologists/paleontologists essays on Intelligent Design.

Silver Fox said...

I don't have any new geo-books to add to the list (although I keep a copy of Desert Solitaire by Ed. Abbey handy), but let me know where you end up visiting in Nevada.

Lockwood said...

According to the sidebar at The Accretionary Wedge, you have participated in this geology carnival in the past. We have a new edition going up soon, around the theme of "When and where would you most like to visit in person to witness something first-hand?" Are you going to be able to join our time warp? (more details at the link) We're trying to get The AW back on it's feet, and would love to have you participate. Sorry for the short notice, but late submissions will be added on as they arrive.