Friday, February 12, 2010

Flash Wedge

Fearing the demise of the geocentric carnival, several geoblogosphere members started a flash wedge. A sort of meme carnival or a carnival meme. So, I thought I would join the action.

I have been working with a group, Teachers Without Borders. They did some great work with the recovery of the large 2008 earthquake in Sichuan China. Those lessons will be used as the recovery occurs in Haiti. Currently, TWB has a one page "this is what happened" link that explains some of the science, how to contribute and some resources.


Lockwood said...

Thanks for participating! Are you still up for hosting a wedge for late March as you indicated in your comment? (Deadline March 26, "The subject: What am I working on now.") I'm going to go ahead and put up an announcement at the AW site, and if time constraints make it too inconvenient for you to put this together, I'll just host it there. Drop me a line at lockwooddewittATgmail or just respond in the comments here- I've subscribed to comments on this post.

Lockwood said...

The other thing I meant to mention is, if you do want to host, you'll need to put up an announcement post for people to leave links at. Thanks for volunteering!