Monday, April 11, 2011

A history lesson

A few weeks ago I attended a ski/snow shoe tour of the Red Mountain Mining District courtesy of the Ouray Historical Society and the Uncompahgre River Project. The area I took the most pictures was the picturesque Yankee Girl mine.

The Yankee Girl was discovered in 1881 and by the time most mining had ceased in 1896 over 3 million dollars of gold, silver and lead had been brought to market (while leaving tons of debris on he ground near the mine). The Yankee Girl. like most mines in the district took advantage of several volcanic breccia chimneys, a result of the creation of the Silverton caldera. The most productive ore seems to be associated with the quartz porphyry found in the chimneys. Lead and zinc ore paid he bills, the silver provided the profit and the little gold that was found provided the headlines.

lunch at the Guston mine

The Yankee Girl headframe
The Yankee Girl up close. The main mine shaft dropped over 1000 feet from this point.

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