Saturday, May 31, 2008

geology in the field

I have enjoyed reading about everyone getting excited about leaving the books and chalk boards behind and getting outside where the real geology is stored. My life is a little different. I mostly teach high school. We don't have field camps and their is absolutely no budget for fields trips (beyond to a nearby museum) anymore. However we use the Internet frequently (another great thread using the internet instead of the doing the real deal...but anyway)

So, in my case, I don't "do" geology as much as I "play" in geology, the next month schedule:
I am looking forward to seeing how the bigger water from last winter's snowpack will translate into rearranged sediment in some of the desert streams we frequent. Pictures will be coming as the play commences.

Have a great field season (summer)


Lost Geologist said...

Wouldn't it be possible to arrange short, one day trips to local quarries or mines? Usually that doesn't cost so much and if every pupil pays their charge it's very easy on the budget. (we had to pay all our trips outside of normal school in my high-school - even the museum).

Geology Happens said...

You are right, here so close to the San Juan mountains we have the ability to walk to some nearby mines (none operating) so we do field trips, but many of my colleagues are not so lucky.