Thursday, May 15, 2008

Words that bug

Callan over at NOVA geoblog has asked what words bug us. His rant discusses some of the words we have heard in countless conversations and term papers.

My rant is a small one and shows that my teaching is almost all at the high school level, but can you think of another way to say "a lot"? Some well meaning teacher back in the day pointed out to my students that "alot" is not one word but two "a lot" is a perfect use of grammar even if it is horrible word choice. I cringe and then automatically deduct a few points every time I read "a lot" in a formal term paper, and I read "a lot" of "a lots"

My favorites of course are the misspelled words. Just today I read about "comments" made of ice and dust that orbit the sun.

...and texting is something else altogether.

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Maria said...

Instead of "a lot" I overuse words like "significant", "important", and "substantial". No improvement in actual information content, but they sound fancier!