Monday, February 16, 2009

new scientist time

Last year I was chosen to be a lead trainer for National Geographic's JASON project, a science curriculum designed to engage middle school students using science inquiry methods.  Just this last week, there has been having an interesting discussion on All my Faults about Earth Science and the traditional view of being a scientist.  This week, I get the chance to work with the newest JASON project and help in the tweaking and fine tuning of some of their newest labs. I will certainly be having Kim's blog post in mind as we test and tweak these new laboratory experiences.

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Kim said...

Yay for having someone with a background in geology designing inquiry-based projects for middle-school students! (Have you thought about using rivers/streams as the basis for a project? Maybe some kind of low-tech discharge measurement, combined with experimenting to see what grain size can be carried by the stream, combined with doing some kind of settling experiment to see how much mud settles out? And then combining that with USGS or other stream-flow records?) I'm working on something similar with my intro college classes - let me know if you're interested in hearing about what we've been trying.